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Areas of Expertise

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating will help you to stop following dieting rules and to reconnect with your internal ability to guide your own eating. It is a non-diet, non-weight-centered approach to eating that teaches you how to listen to the food wisdom that you already possess. It will help you put an end to dieting, binge-eating, guilt, food fears, and deprivation and allow you to start eating what you want, when you want and to truly enjoy food again.  

Pediatric Nutrition

Feeding children can be challenging and completely overwhelming. Using an intuitive eating approach, I can help you to navigate picky eating, food battles, and weight concerns. Confidently put mealtime stress behind you and begin enjoying meals as a family again.

Sports Nutrition

Whether you're a competitive athlete or just getting started, nutrition has the power to unlock greater athletic potential. With an all-foods-fit approach, I can help you learn to fuel your body to feel good and perform your best. 

Areas of Expertise
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