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Pediatric Nutrition

Feeding the Toddler

Feeding our children can be a stressful and overwhelming task. Parents are inundated with nutrition advice from well-meaning health professionals, friends and family, and the media and it can be exhausting. The pressure to achieve perfection has many parents asking "am I doing this right?".


If you are struggling with picky eating, worries about your child's general nutrition, disordered eating behaviours, or concerns about your child's size, I can help.


With a background in psychology and eating disorders, an intuitive eating approach, and as a parent myself, I can help you sort through complicated nutritional messaging to develop a clear plan that works for you and your family.


Put food and nutrition stresses behind you and allow food to become a source of joy and connection in your home. Contact me today to set up an appointment.


Pediatric Nutrition
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